Join BingX Community Content Contest to Win up to $3500

As per announcement, BingX have released an important update that enables every BingX user to become a content creator on BingX as a move for our goal to make BingX a top social trading platform. We would like to invite our community especially those existing key opinion leaders (KOL) or KOL-wanna-be into such important milestones of BingX to experience and explore the opportunities that were brought by the latest update of BingX.

1. Market Trend Analysis (#TA):

Price prediction with analysis, Price chart pattern analysis, Technical Analysis, Buy/ Sell Signal etc.

2. Trading Strategy (#TS):

Risk management, Position adjustment, Trading theories, knowledge, and skills etc.

3. Educational Content (#EC):

Background of a token, Crypto fundamental briefing, Blockchain technologies (DeFi, Cross-chain, Web 3.0, NFT etc. ) overview, BingX features explanation etc.

4. Personal Story sharing (#PS):

Any personal stories, successful experience sharing regarding the cryptocurrency industry.

5. Memes (#MM):

Any crypto-related content post with a picture that possesses a sense of humor/ ironic element.

🏆 Total Prize Pool: $3500 USDT

$700 prize pool for each content type ($700 x 5 content types= $3500):

Top 1: $150

Top 2 – 3: $100 for each submission
Top 4 – 10: $50 for each submission


🛎 How to enter:

  • Post a feed and # the particular content type in the feed for different entries.

Example: PIC

BTC support is $55000 and resistance will be $69000. #TA

  • Every feed is limited to # ONE content type only. A feed that without # at least 1 content type or  # more than 1 content type is considered an invalid submission.
  • An user is allowed to post multiple feeds for entries in different content types.
  • The feed must not contain violence, pornography, advertisement, religion, racial discrimination, etc., otherwise it will be eliminated.

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