Binance vs BingX vs Pionex Auto Trading Comparison

What is Grid Trading/Auto Trading? 

Grid trading is a trading strategy primarily used in a volatile market. The main principle like all trade, is to buy low and sell high to earn profits from a fast moving market. When a trader evaluates that the market is going stagnant with very little movement, this strategy is usually abandoned. A grid refers to the price range for buying according to the preset conditions to allow traders to intelligently set a range of buy point. 

The typical trading graphs that is used for such evaluation is a 15-minute or 30-minute candlestick trading. As the trades are usually based on price action, it is important that traders sees the movement in price in a faster pace. 

Grid Trading Robots vs Grid Trading Tools 

Grid trading tools are tools for traders to manipulate and adjust themselves. These tools are not automated and requires users to use them. Traders will need to evaluate the market performance before setting the right parameters. This is usually used by professional traders as it requires some programming knowledge which can get challenging. 

Grid trading robot does not have complex parameters, it can automatically set the grids to evaluate the market. It will analyse if the market is bullish or bearish and adjust the trade order accordingly. 

Binance Grid Trading 

Binance trading parameters are set by users, this gives control and higher risk for traders during extreme volatile seasons. Because Binance grid trading is a tool, users have to judge the market. Inexperienced trader may find difficulty in trading with this platform.

BingX Grid Trading 

BingX auto robot trading unlike Binance, set up grids for your trade automatically. Because of the automation, it supports both spot and contract trading. You can utilise both spot and contract trading mechanism and earn profit as the market fluctuates. Overall a smart system.

Pionex Trading 

Pionex is similar to Binance, in addition to the normal parameter setting grid, there are additional AI settings. The overall handling fee of Pionex is also higher than Binance and BingX. Perhaps due to it’s complexity. Pionex grid trading is also only available for spot trades. While Pionex has claims of having more robots doing trades per second, it has seems that the trades are not usually successful in profiting. 

Binance BingX Pionex
Setting Up Complicated Simple Complicated
Automation Manual Automated Automated
Spot Trading Support Support Support
Contract Trading Support Support Do Not
Trading Fee Low Low High


Low cap investors has been searching for automated trading since the rise of FOREX. With Crypto being a 24/7 market, it seems that auto trading is starting to make more sense. Due to high fluctuations in Crypto, users are prone to miss opportunity. With auto trading, you can minimise that occurrence. 

As a trader, generally BingX have an upper hand due to its flexibility. Furthermore, BingX allows you to be a principal trader and allow other users to copy your trade. In return, you earn a commission. This brings users and the product closer together. 

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