BingX Listed ARC-20 Atom and Solana Jito

BingX Exchange has listed the ARC-20 Atom token, becoming the first exchange to list an ARC-20 token.

ARC-20 is currently the second largest ecosystem in Bitcoin, second only to BRC-20, and has more advantages compared to BRC-20. It is considered the only standard capable of implementing DeFi and GameFi on Bitcoin. Atom is the token of ARC-20 and is set as the Gas Fee for the entire Atomical protocol. The price of Atom has soared from its initial 0.1 USD to the current price of 14 USD.

The listing of ARC-20 coins on the BingX Exchange allows investors with smaller investment amounts to trade Atom coin without having to pay the current high Bitcoin network Gas Fee of up to 30 USD.

Solana is currently the public blockchain with user activity ranking just behind BTC and ETH, and it supports smart contracts. The recent LSD project on Solana, Jito, has started to be listed on the BingX Exchange. JTO is the token of Jito and is considered a token with tremendous potential on Solana. Its function is similar to Lido on Ethereum.


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