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Top 10 Cryptocurrency Exchanges 2021

Top 10 Cryptocurrency Exchanges 2021

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Best Place to Buy Bitcoin

Low fees to buy bitcoin online

Gemini Exchange

0.5% 3%
0.5% Transaction Fees.
Low Transaction fees to Buy Bitcoin
  • Low transaction fees
  • Support bank transfer and credit card
  • Able to earn interest.
  • Less choices.
  • Less product development

Choosing a platform as the best place to buy bitcoin is not easy. Many exchanges are providing the service of buying bitcoins via fiat currency, for example, Binance, crypto com, Coinbase and Kraken.After compared with transaction fees and the payment process of buying bitcoins on different platforms, Gemini exchange is the best one for buying bitcoins. It has low transaction fees and the platform is recognized by most of the countries.



Exchange Gemini Exchange
Trading fees As low as 0.05% via Bank Transfer
Fiat Currencies Support USD AUD NZD JPY EUR SGD
Transaction fess 0.05%
Credit Card Visa / Master
Hidden Fees No
02/11/2020 Update
Different from Binance has many products, Gemini plays a role like a payment gateway.


Withdraw fiat currency from Gemini to the local bank takes one working day.

Best Market

Selected by Traders


0.1% Transaction Fees.
Most of traders are trading at Binance

According to the Coin Market Cap data, Binance trading volume ranked on the no.1 of global crypto exchanges list. Besides spot trading, it has many services like derivative trading, cloud mining, Dex, NFT market. It’s like a blockchain supermarket.

Exchange Binance
Spot Trading Yes
Derivative Trading Yes
NFT Market Yes
Cloud Mining Yes
Dex Mining Yes

It has too many products and services and long product development lines. The most successful one is Binance issued token, also known as BNB.

Best Social Trading Platform

Social trading exchange


Transaction Fees
The Best Social Trading Exchange

eToro first designed the feature of Copy Trade to let amateur investors trade with professional traders. BingX made an enhancement version and applied it to cryptocurrency trading. It’s different from the eToro Copy Trade only works on stocks trading. BingX Copy Trade is like an auto-trading robot. After a user followed a professional trader account via Copy Trade, the user would open the same deal if the professional trader opened.

Earning money can be easy as clicking the Copy Trade button of BingX.

a BingX User

It’s a very cool feature, and it works for many traders.

Best Derivative Trading Exchange

No Doubt Bybit is the Best Derivative Trading Exchange


Maker will have 0.025% rebate
Best Derivate Trading Exchange

No doubt bybit is the best derivative exchange in 2021, although bybit derivative trading volume is less than Binance derivatives. Bybit used copy features from Bitmex. That making the trading fees are the same as Bitmex. Bitmex’s poor customer service made customers all follow Bybit, then Bybit became the best. It has no overload issue and lesser market pins than Binance. Unlike Kraken only pays up to 50% of the total losses of market pins, Bybit takes the whole responsibility when the market pin happened.
Because Bybit copied from Bitmex, it also copied the hidden development issues of Bitmex. For example, Bitmex only provides cryptocurrency derivative trading. Derivative trading required traders have professional trading skills. It’s not suitable for entry-level traders. Derivative trading is part of a trading exchange service. The big trading platform like Binance, it easy to develop a new feature like derivative tradings.
Bybit became the best derivate trading exchange means it hit the development bottleneck.

Best Defi Exchange



0.3% for token swap
Best Defi Exchange

Different from a centralized exchange, Uniswap is a decentralized exchange. Unlike the cryptos that are saving in the wallet of a centralized exchange during the trading, a decentralized exchange transfers the cryptos between users’ wallets directly. The token price is not generated by the market mechanism, but by algorithms.
Because it’s a decentralized exchange, anyone can issue his tokens to exchange with others within five minutes. The risk is from the spam tokens issued by unknown people.

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